Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Catch up post!

Below, I am posting all the pictures I need to catch up on! I will put a description above each group of pictures to let you know what they are from. 

Halloween! The following pictures are some of the great ones I got from our Halloween Day here at school. The kids had a great time sharing scary stories, eating lots of wonderful treats, and dressing up in their costumes.

The next group of pictures is from STEM day. The kids had the chance to work with Lockheed Martin engineers and create machines, make paper airplanes, and do STEM related activities in our classroom. They loved working on the "lock boxes" that they had to use math to get inside. 

On the 15th, the kids FINALLY earned their class party that they have been working so hard towards! They got to play with the school set of robots. They learned how to move them around using an iPad. We are hoping that next time we get to use them, we can learn how to code the program to make them move how we want! It was such a great afternoon for the kids.

I just cannot get over how great all of your children are. We have so much fun in our classroom and it is because they are so well behaved and can handle learning through activities! I am really excited to see what the rest of the school year has in store!

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