Thursday, February 2, 2017

Snowflakes this big meant extra recess at 9:30am!!

We could not help but bring the kids outside this morning when the snow was coming down so hard! It may have only been for 10 minutes but hopefully it will be something they remember! We ran around, caught snowflakes on our tongues, and took some pictures for you to see and enjoy.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Owl Pellet Dissection:
We had such a fun day Friday! The kids got to use their Scientist brains and dissect owl pellets! Once they dissected them all, they classified all of the bones they found in order to figure out what animal their owl ate, and see what the bones in a skeleton really look like. This was a great transition from Animal Classification to our new unit on The Human Body. Now the kids have a real life experience with the bones they will be learning all about. I am so glad they got the opportunity to do this! Although some of them were unsure about it at first, by the end most of them had their gloves off and were loving finding each bone as they dissected further. 
Check out the pictures!